...at ELLIOT. 25 years of competence in kites, power-kites an buggy-kiting.


ELLIOT Stuntkites... From the rookie to the intermediate flier, from the quadline freak to a trick flying pro: everyone will find the kite his heart ist beating for.



Foils & Tractionkites...

LAVA, PLASMA ans MAGMA are our actual traction fois for buggying, kitesurfing and moutainboardig. Have a lok into the world of speed an dynamic.




When will You start your first "flight" in the famous VIRUS-buggy?



Welcome at our homepage. We want present you our fancy kite assortment.

Fly with our kid´s kites, show your flying level with our allround-, trick- and power-kites and lift off with our parafoils or enjoy our wind games. The Elliot-programm will inspire you.

Fun, the look for new trends, quality improvement and innovation is pushing us for 25 years.The super feedback of the Elliot-Flyers will show us the way to go.

sincerely, wherever you are,

yours Elliot’s